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Breakpoints allow stopping a program at a designated point. Breakpoints set by command are single use. They are removed the first time they are encountered. Dynamic program intercepts used in branch entry intercept breakpoints, SVC and PC screening use system breakpoints to stop a program at key points in the intercepted process are persistent and remain until a process removes them (a RTM exit reset or cancel or a task termination, for example).

Breakpoint commands can be entered via a panel or a line mode command.

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In conjunction with the dynamic non-interactive and grouping, breakpoints, set by command or dynamic program intercept, can be used to stop a member of a group at a designated point allowing insertion of trace points. Using the connection facility, could cycle through all of the tasks in a group, stopping each at a breakpoint and inserting trace points. Once all tasks are stopped and all trace points are defined, the dynamic non-interactive trace facility could be started for the group allowing debugging of task interactions at near native speed.

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